Family key to Nawab's success

Wearing a colorful sari and a warm smile, Mamta Kumar is a welcoming sight at Nawab's restaurant in Newport News. While she clears tables, checks the lunch buffet and oversees the dining room, Kumar always finds time to interact with customers, which is the part of her job she loves the best. "Having a personal touch with the people is so important," she says. "Our customers feel like family to us." Kumar and her husband, Sanjeev Kumar, manage the Newport News Indian restaurant, one of four Nawabs owned by Ashok Arora of Virginia Beach. Sanjeev's sister, Neeru, is married to Arora, and the Kumars came here from India in 2004. - Click here for more info

Renovated Nawab is Pretty - and Pretty Tasty

Walking into Nawab Indian Cuisine at Oyster Point Square in Newport News, I was struck by the restaurant's modern and elegant feel. Since it is housed in a shopping center, I didn't have any high expectations as far as the atmosphere, but as soon as I opened the door, I was amazed. - Click here for more info

Right Recipe for Success

Nawab. In Punjabi, it means a wealthy man who owns a lot of land. In Williamsburg , it means another option for local diners and restaurant No. 5 for Ashok Arora. - Click here for more info

Nawab Offers an Out-of-the-Ordinary Experience

A good curry is hard to find. Thankfully, though, quality Indian food in our region is more plentiful than it was 10 years ago. - Click here for more info

Everyone Should Experience Nawab

I used to be a restaurant nut. Now that I have this reviewing gig, I don't go out to eat very often. I save my calories - and my pennies - for special occasions. So, to illustrate how much I love Nawab, let me tell you that I've been back three more times since my official visit a month ago. - Click here for more info

Unusual Offerings Make Nawab a Star

WILLIAMSBURG - Unusual sounds and smells greet you at the door when you enter the Nawab Indian Cuisine restaurant. - Click here for more info

Nawab at Hilltop is a Garden of Indian Delights

A renovated 7-Eleven and onetime bagel shop in the Hilltop section of Virginia Beach is now the inviting and warm Nawab Indian Cuisine. It's the second Nawab - the first, on Military Highway in Norfolk , is six years old. - Click here for more info

Portfolio Weekly 1999 Spring Dining Guide

Diners cite the pleasant staff, generous portions and great value at the Military Circle, Hilltop and Williamsburg sites as much as the wonderfully exotic chutneys, naan breads and tandoori specialties - Click here for more info

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